Scale Up Platform

While a plethora of solutions exist to address industries’ resource efficiency problem, only 34% of cleantech startups around the world scale past the seed stage. Cleantech startups are struggling to scale across the board due to market inefficiencies and barriers including lack of product-market fit, insufficient client validation at the initial stages of product development, and minimal resources such as specialized mentors. Slow growth of revenue, particularly due to the complexity of B2B sales in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector, often causes startups to run out of money.

To address these ecosystem challenges, Athena Cleantech has established the Scale-Up Platform: a partnership program where cleantech startups and scale-ups work with experts from Athena’s cleantech team to validate, develop, and scale their solutions.

Cleantech entrepreneurs with existing solutions get access to a range of resources including industry connections, a global sales network, and funding opportunities to support their growth story. We take an active role in the growth and operational processes of our startup partners to enable scale in multiple markets simultaneously.

What Startups Recieve

Our expertise in scaling cleantech organizations from the ground up, including research to prioritize key markets and resources to localize your product

Access to our existing sales network in over 15 markets, and the opportunity to onboard paid pilots that provide customer validation

Marketing strategies and channels through Athena’s partners, including digital marketing and events

Product development roadmaps to localize the technology to target markets and grow your competitive edge in a dynamic market.

Working capital for overhead costs and access to global funding opportunities

What Makes Us Different

We are not a typical accelerator or venture capital firm. Think of us as an extended team that gets involved with you on a day-to-day basis to connect with the market and ensure your execution aligns with your goals. Our trained professionals take a personalized, hands-on approach to define your business strategies and implement your product on the field in different markets.

We also invest in companies that have a great product but face challenges with pitching, selling, or distributing their solution. In addition to our global network of distribution and scale partners, startups get access to a range of different investment and project finance opportunities.

We are always open to collaborating with cutting-edge innovators and scale-ups pushing the boundaries of innovation. Get in touch to explore how we can accelerate your growth!