Industrial Energy Efficiency as a Climate Solution

Consuming over 34% of the total energy produced globally, the industrial sector uses more energy than any other end-use sector such as residential & commercial buildings​. Industrial facilities, in particular, are notorious for energy-inefficient motor-driven systems that account for over 69% of all electricity consumption in the industrial sector. This problem is set to increase over time as industrialization increases the number of electric motors installed worldwide, significantly increasing overall energy consumption from industrial activities such as manufacturing and processing.

To address the industrial energy challenge, we provide a range of solutions that can increase the energy efficiency of industrial facilities, electric motors, and other energy intensive equipment such as chillers. The journey towards industrial sustainability typically starts with installing smart meters that provide data on energy consumption per load. This data is then used to conduct AI-driven virtual energy audits and identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) that can produce valuable sustainability as well as bottom line growth. Industrial clients then choose from our various solutions to meet the ECMs.

Discover our solutions below and get in touch to discuss which solutions are the most suitable for your facility:

Solutions for Industrial Facilities

Smart Metering

Virtual Energy Audits

High-Definition LED Lighting

Energy Controllers

Chiller Optimization

Smart Controls

Smart Exit Lights

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV)