Management Consulting

The 21st century is a time of rapid change and innovation. As the world evolves with an increasingly rapid pace, it is imperative for organizations to evolve and adapt with the changing times. Perfecting organizational functionality and strategies is like tailoring the sails of a ship. It is a delicate art form with long lasting effects on the crew abroad.
For IED Consulting, our management consultants are seasoned professionals who with all-rounded experiences with different dimensions of an organization. We are committed to work with business to improve their performance, solve problems, and encourage growth by providing our expert advice. By co-creating an effective and efficient organization, we can help your business be best prepared to navigate a world in constant flux.

Corporate Governance Assessment and Recommendations for Improvement


Corporate planning is all about setting the stage for an organization. While seemingly distinct from day to day operations, these highest level principles, rules, policies, and practices have cascading effects on those operations.

For IED, our core team is well versed in the OECD principles of corporate governance for utilities and other corporations. We are well equipped to provide the right frameworks and principles to foster a corporate environment in sustaining long term financial and business integrity.

Development Corporate Planning Process and Procedures


Corporate planning is an important and multi- dimensional process that lays out long term business strategies and their actualization. It involves the consideration of how the business will align and capitalise on the micro and macro business environments it is operating under.
At IED, we give business the right tools in this planning process to establish their strategic advantage. To translate those strategies to actions, we will also help in establishing procedures to integrate long term strategic, business, and operational plans to drive actionable impact.

Improving Budgeting and Forecasting


Planning, budgeting, and forecasting are the backbone for integrated financial planning and evaluation for a company. It directs valuable financial resources and provides insights on whether these resources are used in a prudent and effective manner.

With budgeting and forecasting getting increasingly complicated with increasing organizational and operational size, IED consulting can help clients optimize ways of allocating their financial resources.

Sector Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Investment Analysis, and Policy Development


Regardless of whether you are strengthening an incumbency or preparing for a new venture, it is important to have a clear assessment of the environments and prospects of that segment of the economy.

With many years of expertise in the Power, Natural Gas, and Water sectors, consultants at IED can be regarded as natives to these target sectors. Equipped with the knowledge of past developments and future trends, we are the right people to provide the sectorial information and insights you may need.

Organizational Structural Analysis, Charter Development, Job Descriptions


Newly established entities need guidance as they proceed through their start-up process. Laying out the mission, visions and objectives of the organization provides the building blocks for the organizational structure, the charter/bylaws of the organization, job descriptions for each position, and hiring the right personnel through a competitive tendering process.

IED Consulting will support the new organizations by drafting internal procedures and descriptions of internal processes that will provide an efficient flow of information and clear instructions on how to complete all basic activities of the organization.

Investment Monitoring and Reporting


Once planned projects are approved and the financing in place and work has begun, the important task of ensuring timely and effective use of resources will begin until the project completion is accepted.

IED Consulting will bring the training and the tools needed to develop your own monitoring system and a dashboard that will allow project managers and company management to view the progress of each project and to address critical issues immediately. We will support the organizations over a short period of time to ensure that the process works smoothly and provides organizational value.

Renewable and Energy Efficiency Strategies


The increasing cost of energy and the decreasing costs of renewable energy facilities and energy efficiency programs provides an excellent opportunity for governments, utilities and corporations to take full advantage of these technologies.

IED Consulting has supported many clients in looking at their future energy requirements, analyzing many scenarios and supporting our clients in developing robust strategies for using renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Once armed with the strategies, IED Consulting supports our clients in promoting specific projects and obtaining the associated required financing.

Market Trading Strategies


In most countries, utility companies provide retail services under price regulation approved by a national or state regulator. As pressure grows globally to move to competitively priced services, many clients are left flat-footed with no background or capabilities to trade in competitive markets.

Our team of experienced market traders help our clients understand the basics of market trading, develop demand forecasting or production forecasting for the forward period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), develop meter data consolidation, establish market competitive intelligence process with their organizations, analyse the various market segments and based on the above, establish a trading strategy.